Fashion+TechSFSan Francisco Fashion And Merchants AllianceStyle SquadSF and Startup Monthlyto host a fashion show and style presentation to celebrate the launch of Inspirare’s eShop.

San Francisco, CA October 29, 2012. SOMA based company celebrates the launch of their eShop with local fashion and tech companies with the help of the talented group of girls at Style Squad they present their first two collections in a fashion show and styling presentation this Friday, November 2nd 2012 6pm-9pm [RSVP HERE]. The company sells small runs of one-of-a-kind pieces from emerging designers. Inspirare’s designer collections are a mash-up of international and U.S. based designers. The companies mission is to launch the budding careers of these fresh and innovative designers by funding 100% of the production and advertising for their brands. All garments are cut and sewn in San Francisco.

The company Style Squad SF will be styling the fashion show, and presenting wardrobe styling techniques to showcase their fabulous skills as an image consulting team. Other local companies such as San Francisco Fashion and Merchants AllianceStartup Monthly and Fashion+TechSF team up and offer their help and support in creating an exciting evening that’s not to be missed!


Inspirare is an incubator for a new generation of fashion designers. The concept is to discover emerging talents, nurture their creativity, spotlight and produce their collection and help them gain exposure to reach their target customers.  The Inspirare incubator funds the necessary production tools that would not be readily available to designers just starting out.  Its production team works with each designer to assist in manufacturing a limited quantity capsule collection for its online shop.  Inspirare also covers the cost for shipping and manages customer support to ensure consistent quality and a top notch shopping experience.  All collections are produced in San Francisco, California.

About SFFAMA [ ]

San Francisco Fashion And Merchants Alliance Inc.[SFFAMA, Inc.], is a non-profit corporation that is a social development network that champions in various sustainable projects in support of the thriving local fashion industry in the San Francisco Bay Area. SFFAMA, Inc. was created to provide an ongoing open dialogue between the local merchants and fashion entrepreneurs to form a cohesive alliance in promoting altruistic creative synergy and productive business opportunities.


StyleSquadSF is an image consulting team specializing in wardrobe styling, editorial production, runway production, personal shopping, style advice, closet streamlining, wardrobe curation, and fashion makeovers.  StyleSquadSF works with emerging designers, runway producers, creative directors, photographers, startup entrepreneurs, and independent professionals.


Startup Monthly, based in San Francisco, California, is devoted to helping entrepreneurship communities around the world to build and launch successful startups. We are a team of passionate, experienced entrepreneurs, coaches, and mentors with the best tools and expertise to help you succeed – whether you are just getting started or have some successful companies behind you. We’ll help you put together a great team (or you can bring your own!), find a viable idea (or bring your own to get help validating it), and get your first real-world customers within a short period of time. Our Lean Methodology, Customer Development, and Product Development tools provide you with the proven methods and guidance to create LEAN and FUNDABLE startups.

About FASHION+TECHSF [ ] : is the longest running monthly workshop and event series in the San Francisco Bay Area focused synergistically on building, promoting and educating the vibrant community of fashion and technology entrepreneurs, designers, developers, bloggers, business professionals, students, investors and numerous enthusiastic companies, schools, groups and individuals who share our vision of a world-class fashion and technology industry that is innovative, disruptive and uniquely San Francisco.