• DATE: March 17th, 2011, Thursday, 6-9 PM
  • LOCATION: Pigment Cosmetics, One Market Street, San Francisco, CA
  • FEE: $ 5 SFFAMA Ning members & Students. $10 Non-Members
  • RSVP on FACEBOOK to attend
  • TOPIC: How to Start a Business in Fashion (Retail, Fashion Design, Boutique)

1) What kind of business documentions is necessary to start a business?   
2) How to create a business plan? What goes into a business plan?
3) What are the Start-up costs? Where to get start-up financing?
4) How to get professional help to start a business?
5) How to evaluate a potential location? Why is location important?
6) How to obtain your merchandise? How to do a physical inventory?
7) How to set your prices? Determining mark-up and margins?
8) How to handle your daily cash sales? What do I need to know about
accounting or bookeeping? How to get paid? Payment and Revenue Strategies?
9) What is Effective selling, publicity or marketing technique?

  • VOLUNTEER TO SPEAK AT THIS SEMINAR, send your credentials to Owen Geronimo at SFFAMA@GMAIL.COM