Fashion Bloggers Connect: Tech In The Fashion Industry. In this open forum, we will examine how technology has reshaped the fashion industry. We will mainly discuss “blogging” as a form of media outlet in today’s social media conscious society. Featuring: Alan Masarsky/Clipta, Erin Hagstrom/ Cali Vintage, Laura Ellner/ On The Racks Marie Denee/ The Curvy Fashionista, Mignon Gould/ The Chic Spy & Siv Lam/JCrewaholics. BOOK/RSVP Here


1. How has blogging affected the fashion landscape? 
2. Why is blogging a popular media in fashion? 
3. What are the challenges in blogging about fashion? 
4. How do you become a successful fashion blogger? 
5. Why blog about fashion? 
6. What is a relevant fashion article? 
7. How to Keep track of your readership
8. What are the blogging tools available out there?
9. Should I start my own fashion blog? Is it worth my time?

Other Topic Discussions:
1. Twitting about Fashion
2. Twitters and Followers
3. Discuss, RSS Feeds, Keywords, Bookmarking, etc’s.
4. Social media, why it works
5. Search Engine Optimization
6. Tech Talks and terminologies