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  • Watch Laura’s interview, here.

A small venue for an art showing is more my thing. Where you get the opportunity to talk to the artists more intimately. The concept of this show is a literal take on the convergence of fashion and art. Though this is not new, it is very refreshing to see  fashion illustrations on the wall. Refreshing in a sense because it is not a fashion show. Especially in San Francisco, given the rise of less-than-average fashion shows that mostly don’t benefit the local fashion designers on a business level.

There was an excitement in the room while guests processed the various ideas of fashion art by: Elrod, Kathryn McFarlane, Eliza Frye, Reni Castro, Laura Gonzales, Maria Fatima Urbi, Thalia Stratton and Jonelle Marie.

The concept of fashion and art is something that’s dear to me as an artist myself who dabbled in fashion design in the past.  After all, fashion is an art form. But what I enjoyed the most about this show is the collaborative efforts of the women artists. It is very palpable and empowering. Props to Emily Howe & Christina Bohn of Femme Cartel, the fashionable hosts and curators of Fashionably Drawn.

~ Written by: Owen Geronimo