Chrystine Druge was a hobby sewer until 2006 when an event called swap-o-ramma literally changed her life. It was there that the light bulb in her head went off and it hasnt burned out since. She started SewBitchy that same year. Her slogan being “Clothing with attitude, for women who have one.” Her designs are full of attitude from the cute, ruffly and lacey to sleek and sophistacted with touches of vintage flair.  She takes an ecco consious approach as well by using 80-90% recyled materials in all her projects. You can find her work online at She also maintains a blog at

Krisztina Lazar is an artist and designer of many facets.  She utilizes her rich Hungarian cultural background, her knowledge of art and fashion history, esoteric and philosophical paths, and experiences amongst global cultural traditions to create a variety of wearable art ensembles that are individually created. Each piece is unique, inspired by the raw materials of the garment where versatility, comfort and play are a large part of the designs themselves encouraging the wearer to create their own individual styles.  Her clothing design is inextricably linked with her art practice and there is much interplay between her paintings, performances, videos, installations and the garments that are created for or inspired by these many medias.  Originally from Cleveland, OH, she uses her experiences from growing up, travel and daily life to fuel her continuing creative inquiry in everything she does.Check out her work at