The Brooklyn Circus/BKc story begins in 2006 in a quaint neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York with the aim to strengthen consumers’ appreciation for classic aesthetics and antique motifs whilst upholding the pillars of modern design within a hundred year plan. With time-tested values of classic American craftsmanship, a love for urban tradition, vintage sensibilities, and an endless search for the timeless silhouette, the empowerment and authenticity.

Founded by graphic designer Ouigi Theodore and developed by an arsenal of visionaries fueled by a common purpose, this bustling junction of style and character is always an experience. Beyond embracing techniques of timeless craftsmanship and sophisticated simplicity, The BKc fosters creative relationships, providing a social sanctuary for open-minded forward-thinkers. Every cuff of trouser, roll of the sleeves, and peaking pocket square is connected to a greater story, as they’ve succeeded at tailoring not only cloth and fabric, but lifestyles. With flagships now in Chicago and San Francisco, The BKc’s inspirational clout has solidified its cult following which has grown exponentially and globally.

  • DARIO SMITH is the co-founder The Bellwether Project [  ] and the street photographer of DS Lite [ ] He majored in photo journalism with a heavy emphasis on fashion and style. He defines style as an extension of ones character and believes that fashion is the grounds for sophistication. In harmony these two create the classic and innovative art that we’ve come to love on a universal level. This concept of aesthetics has always been an umbrella to his trajectory.He shoots to capture this sartorial harmony locally in mandate to express the notion that the San Francisco Bay Area “does” have an iconic flare that is not always noted in magazines, blogs, or in general fashion media. He is dedicated to seeing a brighter future for the SF Bay area fashion and style community and makes a point to capture all of the glory that the local landscape has to offer, fashion wise, to share with the world. So put on your best ensemble Bay Area, he’s looking for you!