SuRu Clothing is a premium apparel brand, promoting multiculturalism and diversity through fashion.

Oakland, CA 29th April, 2013. SuRu Clothing is a small emerging apparel brand based in the San Francisco Bay Area (Oakland, CA). They create high quality premium apparel embellished with multiculturalism and diversity. The team requires funding support to grow the brand. The word SURU means “Patience” in Baba Afolabi’s native language Yoruba. The Yorubas are from West Africa, predominantly Nigeria. The word also has meaning in the Japanese language; it means “To do.” 

After spending some time in Tokyo, Japan in 2007-08, Baba Afolabi introduced the SuRu brand in November 2009 by releasing a few t-shirt designs and cab driver hats. From then on, he has worked hard at SuRu on product quality, as it is his top priority to present an impeccable, comfortable product that will last.

SuRu Clothing is on Kickstarter [Kickstarter Page: raise funds. In order to make SuRu a successful brand and company, they need the support of the people and money to do many things, from production to marketing, from talent acquisition to giving back to the community, and more importantly bringing part of our production process to the USA.

The funds raised will be used to:

  • Help produce 500 units of blank t-shirts in various designs, colors and sizes for both men and women
  • Help build a new vibrant and robust website 
  • Help fund local marketing and promotion agendas

The team promises to do everything within their capacity to mitigate any posing risks. They will make sure to stay engaged with the supporters and communicate any developments as they occur.