[ Source: AlbertMing with Tim Urban of American Idol ]

AlbertMing is a new menswear label that is bringing modern styling and high-performing fabrics to traditional tailored clothing.

The company was founded by two childhood friends, Ming Chang and Albert Shyy, who were frustrated wearing boxy-looking tailored clothing when they wanted to look sharp.  Inspired by the innovation in other more forward-looking parts of the apparel industry, we decided to launch a label that met the functional and aesthetic needs of today’s generation of men.

They believe that in today’s age, people are demanding both aesthetics and performance in everything from smartphones to apparel. They build suits for guys for whom high-performance is a way of life, from their athletic to their professional endeavors. Suits with amazing stain-repellent wools and a soft feel that would be at home on a $5,000 suit.  Suits so comfortable that feels like a second skin, thanks to their own hand-tailored construction.  Suits that embrace the modern look with a slim cut and a svelte fit. 

Their apparel is tailored for modern men who want clothing that is comfortable, versatile, and stylish.  After successfully launching their Men’s Blazer, they are ready to take the next step and introduce the Arctic Shirt. Much like their other products, this is no ordinary dress shirt. they’ve created an ultra-breathable, wrinkle-free dress shirt that offers water/stain repellency and a fitted modern style. Check out AlbertMing’s current fashion project by visiting their  online campaign here.