SFFAMA: Tell us about yourself and what you do.

CT: I am a 23 year old, California-raised, full-time blogger for my blog, Profresh Style. I’m a “multi-hat” wearer: an editor, photographer, web designer, graphic designer, marketer, stylist, and so much more. I use my blog to promote my style and my interests and allow people to get inside my world through my blog.

SFFAMA: Where do you see fashion and technology heading?

CT: Fashion and technology have coincided for quite some time. Back in 2006, Alexander McQueen used technology to create a hologram of Kate Moss during his Fall show and it’s widely expanding. Now that bloggers have made their marks, iPads at the runways are becoming more common, smart phones are being utilized for more than just phone calls. We’re transferring docs to our phone, posting to our blogs, forecasting trends with the click of a photo and mass-emailed to everyone. The longevity of it all will be determined by what the technologists come up with. The new forms of technology that make information mass-producing faster, will be the determining factor on the future of fashion and tech.