[ Video by: RODDY CALONSAG, SFFashion.TV Field Producer ]

[ Photos By: STEVE HAN ] Designers: Krisztina Lazar (Winner) and Chrystine Druge. Judges: Laura Robblee @ Alley Collection and Adelle McElveen @ Fashionista LabModels: Caitlyn and Nicole. Creative Director: Owen Geronimo

  • Scion Presents ‘FASHION FEUD”. In Collaboration with San Francisco Fashion And Merchants Alliance IncFASHION FEUDis a live “Project Runway” like fashion design competition live on stage. Designers are given an hour to create a design to prepare for a runway show on stage. Then, a walk-off between fashion models donning each designers’ pieces to highlight the night with the audience’s cheers supporting their favorite designer of the evening.

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